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In discrimination law, there are very short time limits to complain, to bring a complaint to the attention of the EEOC, and to file suit.
Discrimination is about control; trying to belittle or push employees down based upon improper and illegal reasons. There is no place in the workplace for this kind of activity. It keeps employees from doing what gives them purpose in life, from feeling motivated and good about their work. It causes employees to lose morale, and productivity to go down which puts the entire company and all employees and their families at risk.

Federal and Texas discrimination law affords employees protection from several main types of discrimination:
• Age discrimination (40 or older)
• Sex discrimination
• Gender discrimination
• Pregnancy discrimination
• Race and color discrimination
• National origin discrimination
• Religious discrimination
• Disability discrimination
• Discrimination based upon Genetic information, and
• Discrimination against membership in the Armed Services.

A strong discrimination case generally includes proof that the employer did not fire or demote because of performance, but instead made derogatory comments directed at protected class status. If those comments come from co-workers, it may or may not mean the employer had discriminated. However, if the supervisor or decision maker makes racial comments or improper comments due to the protected class, it could be a strong case.
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