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Personal Injury

Helping those who have been harmed and aggressively pursuing the ones who hurt them.

Personal injuries that result in severe trauma, permanent disabilities or wrongful death are never anticipated. Yet, they occur every day due to, dangerous and defective products, negligent drivers, inadequate security, medical malpractice and a host of other reasons. The bottom line is that when you or your family have been the victim of someone else’s negligence, you have a right to be compensated.

Dangerous and defective products such as all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), fire safety equipment, household appliances, toys, car seats, highchairs, motor vehicles, tools and numerous other products fail every day due to defective design, manufacturing and sellers or distributors failing to warn of known defects.

Truck, car and motorcycle crashes are the most common form of personal injury suffered. They can be the result of distracted driving, texting while driving, drunk driving, defective vehicle parts and more. Personal injury incidents can also involve pedestrians, bicycle riders and recreational vehicles.

Inadequate security can lead to terrible crimes being committed against innocent residents of apartment complexes or office workers. Both apartment owners and business/property owners can be held liable when they have knowledge of a high crime rate or risk and fail to provide adequate security on the premises.

Our team will carefully review you or your loved one’s medical records in confidence and provide an evaluation as to any potential medical malpractice cause of action.

The lawyers at Peckham Martin, PLLC have been very successful in obtaining substantial judgments and awards for our clients. We can help you.