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Pregnancy Discrimination: What Employers Need to Know

Posted On: March 2, 2017

A suit for violations of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA) can cost a great deal of money in damages for lost wages and benefits, medical damages, mental anguish and punitive damages as well as for attorneys’ fees.  It can also cost a great deal of time for staff members, negatively affect morale and result in […]


The Gig Economy: What Employers Need to Know About Working with Independent Contractors

Posted On: February 9, 2017

Much has been written in recent years about “the gig economy” — an environment that favors hiring independent personnel for short-term appointments — and with good reason. According to a recent Princeton University study, the percentage of American workers engaged in “alternative work arrangements” has grown from 10.1 percent in 2005 to 15.8 percent in […]


The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA): What Employers Need to Know

Posted On: January 13, 2017

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) was enacted in 1993 with the goal of helping employees strike a balance between family and work life. With a new administration coming into power in Washington, we may see some changes to the law in the months and years to come, but here’s an overview of what […]


What’s Ahead for Employers in 2017

Posted On: January 2, 2017

Employers face not only a new year but also a new incoming administration in the White House. Some rules passed in 2016 will go into effect in 2017, while the future of others is still uncertain. Here are a few issues for employers to watch as we ring in 2017. Form I-9 All employers will […]


Same Sex Harassment

Posted On: December 12, 2016

Charles Peckham here on a hot button issue in Employment Law. Neither Federal Law nor the Texas Labor Code prohibits discrimination based upon gender identification or gender preference.  Some Courts have come close however to interpreting the law to protect these.  This issue is before the 11th Circuit now, following on a watershed case in […]


New Overtime Rule Blocked: What’s Next?

Posted On: December 9, 2016

On November 22, Judge Amos Mazzant of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas blocked the Department of Labor’s new federal overtime rule by granting a preliminary injunction in a lawsuit that challenged the DOL’s authority. The rule was seeking to raise the Fair Labor Standards Act’s (FLSA) remuneration threshold for exemption […]


New Overtime Requirements – Taking Effect December 1, 2016

Posted On: December 1, 2016

I’m Charles Peckham with an update on the new FLSA updates signed into law by President Obama in May of 2016. The new Overtime requirements are going into effect on December 1, 2016. There has been a great deal of concern about how these new rules will affect employees and employers. Let’s try to simplify […]


Hiring Seasonal Workers: What Employers Need to Know

Posted On: November 29, 2016

With the holiday season upon us, more employers are considering hiring extra staff to take on their extra work. It’s important to remember that many regulations apply to temporary employees just as they do to full-time workers. Here are a few issues to keep in mind: Employment Laws Some employment regulations apply to temporary workers […]


The Take on Trump – Employment Law

Posted On: November 10, 2016

Watch the video to learn more about The Take on Trump – Employment Law.


Sexual Harassment: It’s Not About Power

Posted On:

During this year’s fiercely contested political campaigns, the issue of sexual harassment found its way into the spotlight on multiple occasions. In the November 2 article “Why Sexual Harassment Persists in Politics,” the New York Times reported that “experts in employment law and advocates of women’s rights claim that there are specific reasons that harassment […]