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In a study sponsored by online review company Yelp, Houston has ranked No. 10 among best cities in the United States for small businesses. The Yelp Local Economic Outlook highlights cities where small businesses have the greatest chances of success. According to Yelp’s blog post announcing the program, it is “an ongoing effort to surface […]
Noncompete clauses and agreements appear frequently in employment and other types of business contracts. In the employment scenario, a noncompete requires the employee to agree that upon termination or resignation, he or she will not enter into or start a business similar enough to the employer to be considered a competitor. Such agreements are aimed […]
When a former employee pursues an opportunity with a new employer, requesting job references is a standard part of the process. However, job references have recently become a controversial topic, as some employees have brought defamation lawsuits against employers for giving negative information. As a result, some employers are reluctant to give references, which can […]
With the end of the school year just weeks away, this is the perfect time to think about hiring your summer interns. Intern programs can be beneficial for both the intern and the employer, and it’s important to be aware of your legal responsibilities. Intern or Employee? The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requires for-profit […]