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As an employer, your employees are one of your biggest assets. You are accountable to not only your own family but the families of all your employees. What do you do to protect your business and your employees?

As an employee, your life and your livelihood are often defined by your job. You need to understand your rights and responsibilities as well and be able to enforce them when necessary.

At Peckham Martin PLLC, our exceptional legal team can ensure that you have the counsel you need to handle any employment law matter. We both represent employees and employers in even the most complex employment issues. With a Board-Certified labor and employment law attorney as one of our founding members, our firm is uniquely poised to help you. Few attorneys in Texas achieve such distinction.

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What Is Labor & Employment Law?

Employment law includes all of the local, state, and federal laws and regulations that manage the relationship between employees and employers. These laws are meant to ensure workers and their managers can work together in a respectful, fair manner.

Issues covered by employment laws in the United States include:

Employment Law for Employees

Anything that negatively affects our job can hit to the heart of our self-worth, our feeling of belonging, and our financial stability. Because of this, laws have been established to protect employee rights.

Rights you have under federal and state employment laws include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • You have the right to apply for and work without discrimination based on your race, religion, age, disability, sex, and other protected characteristics.
  • You have the right to be free of sexual harassment in the workplace.
  • You have the right to set standards of minimum wage and overtime.
  • You have the right to family medical leave for yourself and when other family members become ill or injured.
  • You have the right to refuse to participate in or report unlawful activity on the part of your employer without retaliation (whistleblower protection).
  • You have a right to workers’ compensation when injured while on the job.

Violations of these laws are unfair and illegal. However, in any employment law violation you must take action quickly. In discrimination law, such as those involving disability rights, very short time limits exist for making complaints. You also have a time limit for bringing your complaint to the attention of the EEOC, and to file suit.

You need counsel now. Administrative complaints often need to be made. In some cases, suit must be filed to stop the clock and to preserve your ability to complain and receive damages. That is why we recommend that you seek help from Peckham Martin PLLC as soon as possible.

Our firm is here to advise you on your rights and provide skilled legal representation. We handle all employment disputes with an emphasis on cases involving workplace disability.

Employment Law for Employers

As an employer, you must plan for the everyday and for the crisis. Establishment of a good structure is key. That structure should be strong enough to comply with the law and flexible enough to deal with varied circumstances.

Our firm handles employer-related issues such as:

  • How to screen potential employees
  • Job requirements and essential functions
  • Exempt vs. non-exempt
  • Salaried vs. hourly
  • Contract vs. Employment-at-will
  • Protecting trade secrets
  • Non-competition
  • Non-solicitation to protect current staff
  • Policies and procedures
  • Discrimination hotline
  • Training of employees

Peckham Martin, PLLC works with medium-sized and regional employers to address the challenges of managing your most valuable asset: your people. The array of federal and state employment laws and regulations have become increasingly confusing. You do not want to get that letter from the Texas Workforce Commission, U.S. Department of Labor, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, or even a plaintiff lawyer.

We work with business owners and managers to help minimize the difficulties of managing your employees. We provide legal counsel on handbooks, policies and procedures and internal investigations. If it gets to that point, we will also work diligently to represent you in administrative actions, arbitration, and litigation.

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Why Choose Us?

Aside from being Board Certified in employment law, Charles Peckham has received an AV Preeminent® rating under Martindale-Hubbell’s peer review rating system and is AVVO rated as a 10 (Superb). He serves on the Texas Pattern Jury Charge Committee for Business, Consumer, Insurance, and Employment by appointment of the President of the State Bar of Texas.

Attorney Peckham is respected by other lawyers and trusted by clients. He has handled many high-profile cases that have been reported in the press through the United States, Europe, and as far away as Australia and has appeared on multiple occasions on CNN, TruTV, MSNBC, Fox, PBS radio, local television stations, and radio on employment-related matters.

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