Sexual Harassment: It’s Not About Power

During this year’s fiercely contested political campaigns, the issue of sexual harassment found its way into the spotlight on multiple occasions. In the November 2 article “Why Sexual Harassment Persists in Politics,” the New York Times reported that “experts in employment law and advocates of women’s rights claim that there are specific reasons that harassment can flourish […]

Employee Dating Policies in the #MeToo Era

The recent #MeToo movement has shone a spotlight on widespread sexual harassment in the workplace, leading many employers to reevaluate their employee dating policies. The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) advises that while an employer should not necessarily try to limit any and all on- or off-duty contact or relationships between employees, it may certainly impose reasonable limits […]

SHRM Survey: Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Is Under-Reported

Most incidents of sexual harassment in the workplace still go unreported, according to a 2018 survey by the Society for Human Resources Research (SHRM). Among the HR professionals surveyed, 36 percent reported at least one allegation of sexual harassment occurring in their organizations within the past year. Of those, more than one-third (36 percent) reported an […]

What Employers Need to Know About the EEOC and TWC Discrimination / Harassment / Retaliation Charge Process

While no employer likes to think about an employee filing a discrimination complaint, it’s important to be prepared by knowing how the process works. According to the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) some of the most common discrimination complaints concern refusal to hire, termination, demotion, or harassment due to: Race Age Gender Disability National origin Pregnancy Retaliation for […]