Employee Separations: What Texas Employers Need to Know

When an employee separates from an organization, it can be a challenging time for both parties. Even if the separation is amicable, managers should take steps aimed at preventing possible disputes over unemployment claims or even lawsuits. Here are a few points for Texas employers to keep in mind when dealing with employee separations, whether […]

SHRM Survey: Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Is Under-Reported

Most incidents of sexual harassment in the workplace still go unreported, according to a 2018 survey by the Society for Human Resources Research (SHRM). Among the HR professionals surveyed, 36 percent reported at least one allegation of sexual harassment occurring in their organizations within the past year. Of those, more than one-third (36 percent) reported an […]

Noncompete Agreements in Texas: What Employers Need to Know

Noncompete clauses and agreements appear frequently in employment and other types of business contracts. In the employment scenario, a noncompete requires the employee to agree that upon termination or resignation, he or she will not enter into or start a business similar enough to the employer to be considered a competitor. Such agreements are aimed […]